Victor de Prado Barrio Guillermo de Prado Padillo Guillermo de Prado Eguilaz Carmen de Prado Valencia

Our history

Mr. Víctor de Prado Barrio (1828-1896) started  the business at the end of the 19th century,   with a mill driven by animals and a stone       press.

His son, Guillermo de Prado Padillo (1871-1934) carried on; he improved the existing facilities, by proceeding with the transformation to a motor driven mill using pulleys and a hydraulic press. Guillermo de Prado Eguilaz (1905-1970), his grandson, improved and expanded the facilities by installing separate electric motors, to two hydraulic presses and partial extraction through the Acapulco system.

Subsequently, Carmen de Prado Valencia (1938-1996), his great-granddaughter, extended the facilities with the installation of a cleaner, a washer and mechanised reception for the olives, as well as modernisation of the liquidation stage through rapid decantation procedure and its centrifugation.

Nowadays, José Mª and Guillermo Casado de Prado want to carry on the family tradition, aware of the effort and dedication of their predecessors, they decided to keep the old facilities in perfect working order and creating the commercial brand "Peñillas". They are carrying out the expansion of the mill using two phase continual centrifugal milling and oil bottling.

The "Peñillas" mill is possibly the only one where both systems of extraction can be seen in perfect working order in the same place. As a maximum guarantee of their product they personally cultivate, collect, convert and bottle it in their facilities, located on the farm itself. Past, present and future within the same facilities.

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