Reception courtyardReception courtyardReception courtyard

Reception courtyard

Once collected, the olives are put into a chute for subsequent cleaning. The cleaning consists solely of stripping the leaves if the olives come from the tree and washing if they come from the ground. Next, and taking great care of their quality, they are classified for going separately on to their conversion.

Traditional pressing millTraditional pressing millTraditional pressing mill

Traditional pressing mill

Comprised of a four conical stones grinder, followed by partial cold extraction using the Acapulco system and, prior to the pressing stage, there is a further mixing in an upright thermo-mixer. The pressing is carried out by two hydraulic presses; the oily liquid obtained then rests in vats ready for standard decanting. The obtained oil is stored in earthenware jars and vats.

Two phase continual centrifugal millingTwo phase continual centrifugal millingTwo phase continual centrifugal milling

Two phase continual centrifugal milling

Comprised of a hammer mill, double body thermo-mixer, decanter or horizontal and vertical centrifuge. Prior to storage in the cellar in inert stainless steel tanks the oil passes through a rinsing process.

Bottling machineryBottling machineryBottling machinery

Bottling machinery

Separate from the rest of the facilities and equipped with a heating system. There is a bottling room, packing room and finished product room. The filling is carried out by weight, the caps are put on by hand, the labelling and division into different formats are done by a labelling machine and packaging is done by hand.

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